Say No To Boring: How To Come Up With Cool Website Names

Say No To Boring: How To Come Up With Cool Website Names

Say No To Boring: How To Come Up With Cool Website Names

Why spend money on a domain unless the name is perfect? Here’s how you can come up with cool website names that make your brand stand out.

Remember when you got Instagram for the first time and “Jeff” wasn’t available as a handle?

Sorry Jeff’s, there’s a lot of you out there.

Well, the same problem happens when you’re coming up with your website name. There are over 330 million domain names registered on the internet and that number is increasing 2-3% every year.

That makes it pretty difficult to get the perfect web address for your brand/business. You need to get creative.

Here are some tips on how to come up with cool website names that stand out in the clutter of the web.

What Are Cool Website Names?

Coming up with your perfect domain name requires deep thought and commitment. It will be an even bigger pain to try and change it later so you should be at peace with your decision.

There are some basic principles you should be mindful of when you’re picking your domain name.

Keep It Short and Catchy

You want your website name to be a concise representation of what your brand or business is. Try to keep it under 12 or so characters or else your visitors won’t remember exactly what to type in.

You’ll also want to make it unique. During the brainstorming process, search for domains that are close to the ones that you’ve come up with. You don’t want people going to someone else’s site.

It’s a good idea to jot down your best ideas so you can look at all of them, read them aloud, and pick the ideas that are the most catchy sounding and brand-worthy. If your web address is catchy, your visitors are more inclined to remember you.


Keywords are hugely important to your site’s chances of showing up on SERP’s. If you get buried on the 38th page of the google search, it’s game over.

Try to incorporate a keyword or two that will give you the best results in your website name.

.com vs .anythingelse

The average searcher is still most accustomed to typing “.com” at the end of a web address. Choosing a .com domain is always a safe path when you are in doubt about the right extension.

Nowadays there are a lot of other domain extension other then classic .com, .org, .net etc. The right extension is depended on what your targeted community is. If you want your website to serve a community within a specific country, then getting a ccTLD domain might be right choice. E.g. if you target albanian customers, then buy .al domain. There are other possibilities with new gTLD like: .online, .shop etc.

If You Need Help

If you’re still having issues finding a unique domain even though you’ve adhered to all of these rules, there are online resources to help you out.

There are plenty of domain name generators on the web. These allow you to type in a keyword or two that best describes what your website will be, and then they provide you a list of available addresses. Some even allow you to register the address straight from their site.

It’s not a perfect way, but it can give you ideas on how to come up with cool website names. It’s still best if the idea comes straight from your mind, since you’re the only one that knows exactly what you want. Be creative, brainstorm, and try a few different things out with these tips in mind.

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