Creating A Domain For The First Time? Don’t Make These 5 Registration Mistakes

Creating A Domain For The First Time? Don’t Make These 5 Registration Mistakes

Creating a domain is a necessary and worthwhile process for anyone interested in an online presence. these 5 mistakes can be very costly for beginners, though.

In our connected world, establishing an online presence is essential. Whether you run a business or want to further a cause, you’ll want to have a domain name that makes a statement about who you are. Creating a domain that works for you is key.

When setting up a domain name, it’s helpful to know what mistakes to avoid. To learn what not to do when securing a domain name, read on.

1. Failing to Research Trademark Conflicts

Don’t put hours of thought and effort into creating the prefect domain name only to find that you’re infringing on someone else’s trademark. Trademark conflicts can cause some serious issues.

On the less severe side, your domain can be taken away. The Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy, also known as UDRP, is the legal process put into action when there is a dispute over a domain name.

Losing the domain might be the least of your worries in this type of dispute. There’s the possibility of lawsuits that could harm you financially. Avoid these problems by deeply researching names and checking trademarks before you buy.

2. Giving Up on a Name Too Soon

So you finally decided on a domain name that fits your needs. The only problem is that it’s already taken. Although you may have to choose another, the domain name you wanted may still be an option.

If the name you want has already been registered or is in use, there’s always the possibility of buying it from the owner. Find out if the owner is willing to sell it to you for an amount that suits you both. You can contact the owner yourself or use a service to help you see if they’re interested and answer other registration questions.

3. Using a Difficult Domain Name

Though you may think the domain name you’ve chosen is clever or fitting, it might be really confusing to others. This can impact you more than you think.

Is your domain name difficult to say? If it is, you can assume that people won’t be talking about it as much to others. This eliminates a lot of word-of-mouth exposure you might have been getting with a simpler name.

Domains that are difficult to spell or type can be just as problematic. You don’t want to lose traffic because of typos or unfortunate misspellings.

4. Not Buying a .com Suffix

Domain suffixes are important when it comes to building an online presence. Some would argue the best way to buy a domain name is to obtain one with a .com ending.

There are exceptions such as .org and .net. However, most suffixes that are not .com will not be as successful. Having a different suffix may make your name seem less professional or relevant.

5. Choosing a Limiting Domain Name

Don’t limit yourself when registering a domain name. You want a name that will grow with you. Boxing your name into a niche isn’t the best approach. Aim high with a name that holds its value and increases your opportunity.

Setting Up a Domain that Succeeds

Creating a domain that is successful is a matter of diligence. Be creative, do your research, and think big.

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