What’s Your Extension? 6 Of The Best Domain Extensions And How To Choose The Right One For Your Site

What’s Your Extension? 6 Of The Best Domain Extensions And How To Choose The Right One For Your Site

6 Of The Best Domain Extensions And How To Choose The Right One

What’s the right extension for your domain? You don’t have to stick to .com. Here are the best domain extensions and how to choose what’s right for your site.

There are over 1000 domain extensions available. And that’s not counting country-specific domains like .al for Albania.

Most people would have a hard time naming more than seven different extensions.

Choosing a domain name with the right domain extension is crucial for the success of your website. Read on to learn about how to choose the best domain extensions for your website.

6 of the Most Popular Domain Extensions

Website extensions range from .abb to .pizza. But which ones are the best choice for your organization?

Here are six category of the best domain extensions that are common and reputable.

1. The .com Domain Extension

The first category .com is the most recognized and used extension on the internet. It’s easy for people to remember.

It is so common that smartphones have a pre-set .com key for quickly typing in a website from hand-held devices.

Because this category is so popular, they are easier to promote. Not only is .com familiar, but it is also flexible. You can change your site’s purpose while maintaining the same domain name that your customers have gotten used to.

Wherever possible, choose .com . Don’t forget, you still need to register your domain and get hosting after you’ve picked an extension.

2. The .net Domain Extension

Another of the most popular categories is .net. It is short for network and was originally created for networked sites. Yet, today the .net extension is used for a range of organizations.

“Net” also evokes technology and networking. So if you have a tech business, choosing .net could serve you well.

3. The .org Domain Extension

This is specifically for organizations. If you run a not-for-profit organization, this is the best category for you.

If you make revenue, stay away from this category. Your customers may be confused about whether or not you are a non-profit organization.

4. The .me Domain Extension

This extension has been around for a while. And while it is used fairly frequently, most sites with that extension are for people’s blogs or personal websites.

You’ll want to avoid this extension if you operate a commercial enterprise. But if you have a blog about your travels or cooking for kids, go ahead and use this extension.

5. The .info Domain Extension

The info is short for information. If the purpose of your site is to dispense information, this is perfect for you.

6. The .AL Domain Extension

The .al extension represents domains that most commonly are linked with Albania, NOT Albany (NY, USA). If you plan to target mainly Albanian customers, then having a website with .al domain is a must for your business.

What If the Extension I Want Is Not Available?

While it’s possible that the exact address you were hoping for is taken, there are ways you can still get the extension you want.

Let’s say you own a bakery named Sweet Eats but the .com or .al version is taken.

You can add words to the domain name and still present the same information. For example, if your bakery is located in Tirana, you could make your domain Sweeteatstirana.com or Sweeteatstirana.al.

Or you can add descriptive words like “best” to your preferred domain name.

If you are stuck, there are various free domain name generators out there that can give you ideas for domain names that are available.

Final Words

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this article about the best domain extensions useful.

Remember, your domain name is a big part of your branding. Make sure you choose one that will serve you well.

Next, learn how to transfer a domain name if you have an unreliable host.

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